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Our granola, your questions

Do you have dietary restrictions? A discerning palette? An unstoppable appetite for knowledge? If you are here you must have questions, and that’s great! We’ve got the answers. Here are some of the queries that we get most frequently.

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Is this gluten-free?

No but we are wheat free. It depends how intolerant one is to wheat but the extent of wheat in our products are organic rolled oats. We aren’t certified gluten free because we share a kitchen space with bakers that bake with flour, but none is in our product.

Why is it Granola Girl? Can boys have it?

Yes boys can have it, we don’t discriminate! The story of the brand is this: April our founder wanted to take a break from cake making and make the tastiest and healthiest granola out there. After numerous beta batches and enthusiastic taste testers, April got named the “Granola Girl”. We found our perfect recipe, and the brand was established. We’ve been “open” for 2 years, started in 2011.

What sets Granola Girl apart?

We are the next best thing to home made granola. Our aim was to have our granola taste like any homemade granola would so we have less sugar in it than traditional store bought granolas, and we also wanted to keep the clumps and soft chewy texture as opposed to the usual crunchy and dry granola.

Are you the Granola Girl?

I’m one of a few Granola Girls!

How else can I eat this?

Possibilities are endless! Have it with almond milk or some milk as a cereal, sprinkle it on top of yogurt and fresh fruit for a parfait, or snack on it dry.

Is this the right granola for me?

It is a quick, easy and filling breakfast. It’s a no brainer because just open a yogurt and put some on top and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you add fruit. This will leave you feeling full but not heavy as if you just ate an (insert unhealthy fast food breakfast item).

Are you local?

We’re local if you live in Vancouver! All of our granola is made fresh right here.

Have a question?

Have a question you’d like us to look into? We’re always working to provide you with whatever you need to make healthy and informed choices for your diet.

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