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The Granola Girl Community

G ranola Girl is the everyday girl. She lives among us. You will find her at yoga studios or crossfit gyms, craft fairs or high-end retailers, local cafes or lobby lounges, hiking a mountain or strolling on the seawall, farmers markets or grocery stores, universities or at the office, volunteering or picking up the kids from school. You get the picture… Granola Girls (and Boys) are everywhere! She is inspired, empowered and lives with passion and purpose.

Community Events

What’s the best way to celebrate the #granolagirllife? To get together! We’re planning a whole host of upcoming events locally that focus on sharing information and connecting with others in our community. We’re also cooking up fun events for health conscious individuals! As the Granola Girl social calendar begins to fill in, we’ll let you know where the party’s at!

The Granola Girl Foundation

We want to do so much more than just make incredible granola–we want to give back to the community that has shown us so much love and patronage. While still in the works, our foundation will seek to donate to causes that benefit women-first initiatives. Subscribe to our mailing list to hear about when we’ll make the official announcement!

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